Hold Harmless / Medical Release / Photo

A legal document that: 1) holds Lead222 harmless from any claim arising from an injury incurred; 2) authorizes medical treatment (if required); and 3) authorizes use of photographs and videos. (Required of each person (students and leaders) participating in an Lead Camp event. Copies will be sent to the Lead Camp Home Office, but the Youth Group Leader MUST bring the originals with them to the Lead Camp.

Housing / Participant List

Housing List to be completed by the Youth Group Leader that will individually list their team’s participants showing gender, age, and identifying leaders with an asterisk (leaders must be at least 19 years old). There must also be one leader for every ten students, by gender.

Rules & Policies

Explains and details the rules and policies that each Lead Camp team will be expected to follow. (Required of each Youth Group Leader, who needs to send in one completed and signed form for their team to the Lead222 office. The Lead222 office will collect these and forward copies of all to each Camp Director)

Activity Waiver

This waiver is to be filled out by each participant.