About Our Company

Empowering people and organizations through great design and media development.

Each morning we wake up as individuals. Brush our teeth, comb our hair, eat a quick breakfast, and put the finishing touches on a cup of coffee. We kiss our loved ones and we leave our homes. Drive to work.

On the way we begin to prepare for the day. Running through checklists, recalling emails, searching our assortment of feeds. We prepare our hearts and minds for another day. Why? What? The reasons we drive to work on the same road every morning for the same job with the same people.

We remind ourselves why we come together as a team; why we are a part of this.

What values lead us from the car to the office each morning?

LEAD CAMPS is a Ministry of LEAD222

“LEAD Camps is a ministry of LEAD222 in partnership with Conference Point Conference Center that exists to help youth ministries around the country lead students down a path toward full devotion to Christ. Lead Camps provides a great experience for high school and junior high students to grow closer to God. This is a great leadership experience for every student at our summer and winter camps, regardless of their level of spiritual maturity to learn how to love recklessly for God. Join us this summer as we unite together in Williams Bay, Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Geneva.

You and your students will love LEAD Summer Camp and LEAD Winter Camp with every activity integrated with life-changing fun, faith-filled experiences.

Be An Artist

Everything you do should be done 100%. No exceptions. With every message you write, line of code you create and presentation you deliver, make it the best you possibly can. Remember, “no one remembers how long it takes, only how well it’s done.” Don’t accept work if you can’t deliver positive results and reinforce a positive reputation.

People Always Come First

When approaching new projects or initiatives, look to find ways of helping people – altruistic intent. If we are successful at helping the world, we will be taken care of. Reciprocation is the most powerful force on the earth.

Have Fun, Be (a little) Quirky

Bring your own flare and personal style with you. Have fun, interact with the community and enjoy the work. Never forget to smile and to appreciate the opportunity to do great work with great people.

Focus And Get Stuff Done

At some point, every project needs to make the transition from concept to reality. People at PageLines know how to deliver things to the world, learn and iterate.